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What is Pitch Analytics?

Pitch Analytics aims to be the leading AI data platform for soccer fans, focusing initially on the English Premier League. For us, the action on the pitch is just the beginning,  We can offer a fan experience that democratizes data analysis in a way that makes complex algos and predictive analytics easy to digest while allowing for quick comps, bite size analyses of upcoming matches and head-to-head player matchups.

What does Pitch Analytics offer?

 We seek to understand, and help our users understand, football at a higher level. Pitch Analytics will offer ratings on every football player in the English Premier League that has played at any time over the last five years. Each player will be rated overall with a single “Pitch Score.” The Pitch Score consists of 8 individual sub-characteristics, each created via its own analysis. We will also offer ratings on every team in the Premier League with the same level of depth as players. We will present our “Pitch Power Table” which will rank teams by their form and squad strength versus the actual standings.  We will offer advanced post-match analysis and data-supported pre-match predictions. We are striving to understand the intrinsic value of players and how they contribute to winning.

Is Pitch Analytics complicated?

Pitch Analytics ⁠creates digestible visuals and data that every sports fan can easily understand.  We makes advanced analytics and complicated algorithms easy and simple to understand.

Is Pitch Analytics free?

Pitch Analytics is completely free.

Pitch? Like, baseball?

We are 100% focused on soccer (football).  No baseball here.

What will Pitch Analytics offer when it launches?

Pitch Analytics will offer visibility in English Premier League player performance over the last 3 years and a guide on how to view that data.  We expect to have rating on roughly 600 players.

Will Pitch Analytics focus on just the Premier League?

Pitch Analytics will launch with ratings and analysis on solely the English Premier League.  In time, we will add Spain’s La Liga, the German Budesliga, Italy’s Serie A, France’s Ligue 1 and Brazil’s Brasileirao.  Join our mailing list to stay updated.

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